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CFS#035 Hoopy - Chuckles
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"Toy Story" Hoppy Wave 2 "Toy Story" Hoppy is back! The characters in wave 2 are definitely more powerful and popular. It includes the “owner" characters - Andy, Sid and Bonnie from 4 episodes of the movie. It also has Bo peep, who got the same influence as Woody and Buzz, Green Soldier, Stinky Pete, Big Baby, Chuckle and Emperor Zurg. Each character is equipped with exclusive hula hoop accessories in different colors, and continues to PLAY TOGETHER and LINKED TO EACH OTHER.
"Toy Story" Hoppy Wave 2 pre-order is now open at HEROCROSS official online.
Material: PVC
Product height: 15cm
Delivery fee NOT included
Early bird Price: HK$118/USD$16( original price HKD$128/USD$17.5)

The promotion period is limited, don't miss it. Special thanks to @Playmaxx for lending the venue for shooting

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