About Hero Club | HEROCROSS
HEROCROSS membership features a point and rewards system with every purchase you make. Exclusively for our dedicated customers and supporters.

HEROCROSS membership is absolutely free! And you can register your new membership by clicking the button down below.

Please fill out the relevant details as indicated by the signup form, which will ensure quick one-click online purchases and optional notifications regarding our latest products.
By being a member, you will be open to many exclusive discounts and offers for special events and special products.

Every HEROCROSS product you purchase will yield membership points, these points can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Using points in exchange for lower prices with specific purchases
  • Using points in exchange for limited edition products
  • Using points in exchange for special edition accesories

With any purchase online or offline from any of our HEROCROSS stores, membership points will be awarded and automatically synced into our systems wherever you are.