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HMS#002 MUSHIE Donald Duck (1930s Version)
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HEROCROSS's new Hyper Mushie Series (HMS) use the traditional Japanese Soft Vinyl combined with unique design, with small scale of production, bringing a set of ingenious product to the nostalgic toy collectors. The first character of the Mushie series is one of the most popular Disney Star, Donald Duck.

With the effort of the HEROCROSS creative team, new Donald Duck HMS series use the transformation of Donald as the theme. Donald Duck got 4 different outfits, which come from different eras and platforms, the popular modern original color version, the 1930s animation style version, the 2017 "Duck Tales Donald Duck Club" version, and the extremely rare red shirt version which appeared on the cover of Donald Duck Weekblad comics in the 50s. This series help to add more color to your beloved Donald Duck collection!

However, please note that the Donald Duck Club version is exclusively for sale on the HEROCROSS official website, while the comic weekly version will only sold as limited edition set and DO NOT sold loose. All MUSHIE soft toys are limited in production, while stocks last.

Material: PVC
Height: 15cm
Delivery date: 2020 Q4 
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