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CFS#009 Hoopy - Scrooge McDuck
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Our new HOOPY series, developed from our flagship work and the HMF collection body, is designed with a shared body that combined with movable joints and head. Reforming lovely Disney characters into a new generation of PLATFORM TOYS, carry out with symbolic, simple, and unified style. Each character will be accompanied by a mysterious accessory (which is closely related to the series name HOOPY), we hope everyone could play with a smile.

Color version of Scrooge Mcduck and 3 little Duck HOOPY Series (Included Scrooge Mcduck, Dewey, Huey and Louie) available NOW!

Material: PVC
Product height: 6 inch

Delivery Date: 2020 Quarter 3

*Upon receiving the confirmation email, you can choose the following delivery methods:
1. Self pick-up at Flat E, 33/F, YHC TOWER, 1 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay within office hour
2. Pay on delivery (only applicable in Hong Kong)
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