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09 / 04 / 2019
HEROCROSS 8th Anniversary Shopping Privileges

To celebrate the 8th Anniversary of HEROCROSS, we will launch a series of promotions to give back fans. Starting from 00:01 AM on February 20th to 23:59 PM on February 28th, every purchase of HK $ 500 (Payment Price) on the HEROCROSS official website will receive 2pcs of "Toy Story 4" Blind Box Series 1 for free (Randomly Choose); purchase over HK $ 1000 (Payment Price), you will get 4 pcs of "Toy Story 4" Blind Box Series 1 for free (Randomly Choose); buy more and get more. If a single purchase is over HK $ 2,500 (Payment Price), the gift will upgrade to "Toy Story 4" Blind Box Series 1 full set (12 Pcs). In addition, during the anniversary celebration, we will also promote some Special Edition Series products in a limited time and stock. Fans who have missed before, remember to keep up with our FB page.
** The spending amount of the Special Edition Series of promotion will not be counted in the Blind Box giving plan. We will announce the content and information of the limited-time products later, so stay tuned!