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HBB#017 Alien Remix Blind Box Set
HKD$ 440.00
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HEROCROSS collaborate with Disney again to launch a new Alien Remix Blind Box Set. The aliens keep cosplaying the classic characters from PIXAR movies, include 《BRAVE》Merida, 《COCO》 Miguel, 《RATATOUILLE》Remy, 《MONSTERS, INC》Boo & Sulley, 《TOY STORY》Lotso, 《A BUG‘S LIFE 》Dot, 《THE GOOD DINOSAUR》Arlo, 《WALL.E》Eve, and the Special Edition is the antagonist 《THE INCREDIBLES》Syndrome. The scale and size of the new Alien Remix Blind Box Set is much smaller, which is much easier for everyone to collect the whole set.

Please be noticed that the order sells from the website as set (9 pcs in total) only but not in loose.

Material: PVC
Height of main body: ~ 6.5-8CM
Set Price: HKD$440 / USD$60

*Shipping Fee is NOT Included
*Freight Collect (Hong Kong Only)
*Each set includes 9 regular designs, 1/6 chance to get the Special Edition, the Special Edition will replace one of the regular designs
*The product does not include the gadgets in the photo's background
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