HMF#069 Alien Warrior (Aliens)
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"What do you mean they cut the power? How could they cut the power, man? They're animals!"
―Pvt. Hudson, referring to Warriors (from Aliens)

Herocross presents Hybrid Metal Figuration #069 - Alien Warrior (from “Aliens”). A successor to our popular HMF#023 The Alien. Our design team studied huge volume of photo references and re-designed our basic drone model. We bring it to our workshop and they went a great length to create new tooling for over one-third of the original #023 base model. Paint scheming is also a key study area, our paint master meticulously colored the model to imitated the color and lighting atmosphere of the original movie.

• New Ridge-Headed head piece
• New and improved Pelvis, forearm and lower leg parts
• Movable Jaw and spring loaded Extendible Mandible
• Bonus Face-hugger

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