DCF#000 Tikka "Chi Zi" / Personal Exhibition Catalogue
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Hong Kong-based artist Tik Ka began his artistic journey in 2006, and has participated a number of solo exhibitions and international art fairs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Paris, etc. Deeply influenced by Chinese culture and mentality, early works of Tik Ka infuse Japanese Kawaii style into the traditional new-year paintings, and use “So Ha” (infant) as the subject to illustrate a colorful and childlike utopia to explore humanity through the eyes of a child. Later Tik ka incorporates his study of Chinese and Western culture into his creative concept, and develops the series of “Chizi”, illustrating with subtle and soft colors versus the vibrant and luxuriant tone used in the early “So Ha” series. Tik Ka would like to present Chizi’s pure innocence and undamaged essence of humans to the audience.

This Art book is the collection of works by Tik Ka, from "Chizi - Art Exhibition by Tik Ka" held at the Gallery by The Harbour (24.8 - 11.9.2017).

Size: H 220mm x W 220mm x D 5mm

Full Color / 66 Pages / Paperback
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